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The following thumbnail photos show some of my basketball teams over the years.  Although the players stay pretty much the same, the coach changes considerably - in hair, clothes and size.

Ian Bazalgette Junior High

baz73.jpg (373589 bytes) My first team: Ian Bazalgette Jr High  Junior Boys 1973 baz74.jpg (1056125 bytes) Ian Bazalgette  
Senior Boys 1974

Ian Bazalgette  
Senior Boys 1975

baz75.jpg (238930 bytes)

Ian Bazalgette  
Junior Boys 1976

baz76.jpg (133071 bytes)

Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School

Dr. E. P. Scarlett  Junior Boys 1977

Photo Missing

scarlett78.jpg (210530 bytes) Dr E.P. Scarlett  Junior Boys 1978

In 1979 and 1981 I also coached football at Scarlett

Dr. E. P. Scarlett Junior Boys 1980 City Champions

scarlett 80.jpg (95980 bytes)

Dr. E. P. Scarlett Senior Girls 1982 City Champions

scarlett 83.jpg (70529 bytes)

In the fall of 1982, I started refereeing and was an assistant senior girls coach at Scarlett in 1983 and 1984


Henry Wise Wood High School

In the of fall of 1984, I moved to Henry Wise Wood and coached football and volleyball for 5 years wisewood89.jpg (441072 bytes) Henry Wise Wood Senior Girls 1989

Henry Wise Wood Senior Girls 1990

wisewood90.jpg (635814 bytes)

Henry Wise Wood Senior Girls 1991

wisewood91.jpg (294080 bytes)
wisewood92.jpg (57604 bytes) Henry Wise Wood Senior Girls 1992 City Finalists wisewood92a.jpg (118280 bytes) 1992 graduating players

Henry Wise Wood Senior Girls 1993

wisewood93.jpg (58901 bytes)

1993 graduating players

wisewood93a.jpg (105418 bytes)
bulletCentral Memorial High School
central93.jpg (106854 bytes) Central Memorial Senior Girls 1994 central94a.jpg (79322 bytes) 1994 graduating players

Central Memorial Senior Girls 1995

central95.jpg (57868 bytes)

1995 graduating players

central95a.jpg (1840647 bytes)
central96.jpg (83266 bytes) Central Memorial Senior Girls 1996 central96a.jpg (124563 bytes) 1996 graduating players

Central Memorial Senior Girls 1997

central97.jpg (48716 bytes)

1997 graduating players

central97a.jpg (115724 bytes)

In 1998, I was the Chairman of the 4A Provincial Basketball Championships which were held in Calgary.  This was a big job, so I did not coach in 1998.

During my time at Central Memorial, I was mathematics curriculum leader.  In 1999, we had to institute a new curriculum in mathematics, so I did not coach this season either.

bulletWestern Canada High School
western00.jpg (79439 bytes) Western Canada Senior Girls 2000 western00b.jpg (162056 bytes)

2000 graduating players

Western Canada Junior Girls 2001

western01.jpg (948649 bytes)

2001 graduating players

western01b.jpg (1439669 bytes)
western02.jpg (60570 bytes) Western Canada Senior Girls 2002 02a.jpg (635325 bytes)

2002 graduating players

Western Canada Senior Girls 2003

western 03a.jpg (370416 bytes)

2003 graduating players

In my first year at Central Memorial (1994) I even coached the junior girls field hockey team.  We came within a 'flick' of going to the city championship

field94.jpg (352722 bytes)

The Central Memorial field hockey team

u of c basketball.jpg (312160 bytes)    

This is the U of C women's team for which I was an assistant coach in 1995

Over the years, I coached many other sports including badminton, track, soccer and gymnastics but my one true love has been basketball