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The Carlsons

These are photos of Leigha Carlson's wedding.



Bob Carlson and daughter Leigha Leigha and her husband Nick
Leigha and her brother Rob Chris Carlson, Leigha, and Chris' mom

Chris says (from left to right....)

"Tom (Bob's oldest brother) his wife Sue, Kelly they're oldest daughter, Nicki is missing. In the white blouse is my great-neice Danica, in the blue is great-neice Deanna, her brother Dustin, Rob, Me, Bob, Dave my nephew-in-law, his wife (my neice) Brenda, my sister Marg, behind her is her son-in-law Ralph, his wife Jo-anne, then Dan. (my sister is married to Dan...they're kids are Jo-anne and Brenda)

Standing in front the boy in the white shirt is my great-nephew Danielle, then Nick, Leigha, Mom, Mathew, Derek and Nicholas.

Now Tom is married to Sue and they have 2 kids, Kelly and Nicole (missing from pic).   Marg is married to Dan and have 3 kids....
    1. Joanne is married to Ralph and they have 4 kids, Dustin, Deanna, Danica and Daniel.
    2.  Brenda is married to Dave and they have 3 kids, Nicholas, Derek and Mathew.
    3.    Missing from pic is Mike who is married to Chika and they have 2 kids.(they live in Japan right now).

My sister is married to Dan and they have 3 kids."