fathers day
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1st birthday
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fathers day
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2nd birthday

I got to spend Sunday with my god daughter.  Corrine's parents, Tom and Adeline Kibsey drove in from Winnipeg for a week to visit their granddaughter and Grandpa Bing dropped by later.

After an excellent breakfast, Avery and I got to play in the backyard and then the whole group went for a wagon ride in the park and rode the swings and the slide.  The day turned out to be a fashion show as our little miss Avery went through three outfits by two in the afternoon - she doesn't eat so much as she kinda spreads food around.

Avery is very close to walking.  She stands by herself and is a demon with a walker.  By the end of the day she had progressed from six to eight to nine steps before falling to the grass.  It won't be long before uncle Kenny is teaching her how to fast break and dribble a basketball.



"Grandpa, I don't believe the Bombers are that good."

Grandpa Tom and my daddy.

This outfit is my French look

The Godfather

Grandpa Bing says you have to stand up in the box of a chuckwagon

Next time, daddy says he will teach me how to ride a bike down the slide

Grandpa Tom and Grandma Adeline swinging with Avery

"You guys swing pretty good for your age."

"Wait for me, Uncle."

"This is my pretty girl outfit."

"I love oranges"

"Let me wash that down with a little water. . ."

". . . or maybe with a little suntan lotion" Me and grandma in my pink stuff

It's grandpa Bing

"Avery, please share that chip with Levi."