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new england
summer vacation

Random photos from the trip




Ken at the Boston Yacht Club in Marblehead

Kathryn in front of Fort Sewall in Crocker Park overlooking the harbour

Several houses on narrow streets in Marblehead




The building currently at 369 Elliot St in Newton, MA.  See Walking With Paul and Matilda for more details





The view from the Boardwalk



















"If I kiss you, can I have a Bud?"











Kathryn with the decorations in front of the Lord Hampshire Inn


One of the many chipmunks who chattered at us during our stay


These are TV pictures about the severe flooding in New Hampshire


I took this picture of myself by the Lake in Meredith using a timer because Kathryn was - you guessed it - shopping







Foliage in the White Mountains

Photos taken at the Intervale Scenic Outlook.  Unfortunately, the sun was behind the clouds and the colours do not show up well.  These 4 photos are stitched into the panorama at the top of this page.




This is my favourite photo of the fall foliage.  We were driving down the road and came around a curve.  I spotted the view, slammed on the brakes, ran across the road and took the photo.  It shows the many colours of the trees in New Hampshire in the fall.  Click on it for a larger view.







Kathryn wanted to have a photo of a white church beside some colourful trees.

Home Sweet Home

Kathryn and Ken's Excellent New England Adventure

bullet Oct. 4: Kathryn and I flew to Boston to begin our fall vacation.  We landed at Logan Airport and picked up our rental car.  We then traveled to Marblehead, Mass which is a 300+ year old town, 15 miles north of Boston.  We followed a highway which twisted and turned through several towns like Chelsea, Revere, Lynn and Swampscott.  Although we stayed on the same road, it changed names several times over the 15 miles.  Kathryn had found us a nice bed and breakfast at the Harborside House - which was really across the road from the harbour.
Kathryn loading the car in front of the Harborside House Our quaint little room
The bed was over 3 feet off the floor - don't fall out The view of the harbour from our balcony

After unpacking we went for dinner at a place called Flynnie's on the Avenue that had the absolute best clam chowder soup I have every tasted - and I have eaten lots.  We then decided to do a walking tour of historic downtown Marblehead.  This was a mistake as it soon got dark.  The streets in Marblehead never run more then two or three blocks and then end or head off in different directions.  Many of them do not have street signs or the same street changes names at every corner.  By always heading downhill, we finally found the harbour and then were able to make our way back home.  Most of the houses have a plaque which identifies the name and occupation of the original owner - often more than 200 years ago.  We went back in the daylight and fog the next morning to take a few pictures which are in the margin at left.


bullet Oct 5:  We started our day by going to nearby Salem, Mass which is famous for its persecution of witches in 1690.  We did a tour of the famous Salem Witch Museum with a busload of "Our People" (Our People is what we call the retired old farts that we now seem to run into all the time).
We then headed for Newton, Mass, a suburb of Boston, where my mother was born.  I had a street address for her birthplace and wanted to see if I could find the house. I didn't really find the house but I found something really exciting about my grandparents.  I have created a separate page Walking With Paul and Matilda which has more detail.  Click here to go to that page.
We then traveled 83 miles to Hyannis on Cape Cod during rush-hour traffic at 5:00 pm.  There were three lanes full of slowly moving bumper to bumper traffic.  A few cars were flying by on the right shoulder.  Then we noticed a sign that said that driving in the Breakdown Lane (the shoulder) was permissible from 3:00 to 7:00 pm, Monday to Friday.  We immediately changed lanes.   It seemed so weird to be doing 70 mph on the shoulder while all the traffic on your left was doing about 20.  Only in America!  After checking in at the SeaCoast Inn, we went for a walk around Hyannis and had supper at the Spanky's Clam Shack - more clam chowder that was almost as good as Marblehead.
bulletOct 6:  We spent a very relaxing day on a driving tour of Cape Cod.  The temperature has been in the high 70's and low 80's (25 - 30 C).  [Hold your mouse over a photo for a caption and click for a full size picture.]


A funny thing happened on our last night in Hyannis.  Kathryn always bugs me about the fact that no matter where we go, I always run into someone I know.  After dinner on Thursday night, we wandered into downtown Hyannis for a look around.  I went to the JFK Museum while Kathryn shopped.  Across the street from the museum was a Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Shop and I figured dessert was in order.  I was standing in line behind two gentlemen while reading the board to decide what flavours I wanted.  The men turned around and I heard a surprised "Ken Runquist!".  Standing in front of me was a former teaching colleague from when I taught at Dr. E. P. Scarlett.  Kathryn could not believe it when I told her back at the motel.

bulletOct 7:  We decide to drive along the coast as we headed for New Hampshire.  Our first stop was Plymouth, Mass where we saw the famous Plymouth Rock and a replica of the Mayflower.  The temperature was still in the high 20's C.
Ken at Plymouth Rock Plymouth Rock
Mayflower II
Kathryn at Plymouth Harbour

Our stop for the evening was in Merrimack, NH.  As we approached the motel, we drove by the Budweiser Brewery, so, after unpacking we went back for a tour of the Brewery. [Hold your mouse over a photo for a caption and click for a full size picture.]

Later that night, we drove into Manchester and Kathryn went shopping for 3 hours at the Mall Of New Hampshire.  Ken went to Best Buy Computers and found a couch and big screen TV to watch the White Sox/Red Sox playoff game - everybody does what they do best.

bulletOct 8-15: We awoke to rain as we headed the 50 miles to Lake Winnisquam, NH.  Kathryn had again used the Internet to find us the Lord Hampshire Inn and Cottages right on the lake.  Our cottage was just a few feet from the deck on the lake.
Kathryn in front of the office.

Ken in front of our cottage.  You can see the water in the background Ken on the deck.  Our cottage is directly behind him.
We had complimentary breakfast in the office every morning
Kathryn beside the fireplace - she made a fire every night. The bed and the door leading to our screened-in porch The kitchen.  Table and chairs are out of view to the right Ken relaxing with a beer on the screened-in porch

It poured rain all day and night Saturday, so we built a fire and had a nice quiet evening.  We awoke on Sunday to find that the rain had stopped in Lake Winnisquam but had continued 50 miles southwest of us.  There was over 10 inches of rain and severe flooding and the governor declared a State of Emergency.  It remained cloudy for the whole week but we did not get any more rain.  West and south of us, the flooding washed out roads and towns and changed our plans of traveling into Vermont.
On Sunday, Ken drove Kathryn to the Tanger Outlet Mall - over 50 outlet stores - in Tilton which was 5 miles away.  Ken went back home and napped for several hours.  We spent a quiet reading and relaxing evening in the cottage . 

Monday was a nicer day and we decided to take a tour of the Lakes Region including Lake Winnipesaukee, which is the state's largest lake, just to the north of Winnisquam.  We were gone most of the day.  Here are some photos from the trip.

Lake Winnipesaukee Fall foliage Weird flowers Old house at Weir's Beach on the Lake

Monday was Canadian Thanksgiving and we found Hart's Turkey Farm in Meredith, NH which serves turkey dinners all year round.  We were able to enjoy a nice turkey dinner with all the trimmings for Thanksgiving.  We tried to order pumpkin pie for dessert but they didn't have any.  This disappointed Kathryn who loves pumpkins and was impressed with how almost every house in New Hampshire had already decorated for Halloween with cornstalks and pumpkins.  A few miles down the road we came across a pumpkin stand and we bought a pumpkin pie to take back to the cottage.

Tuesday was another cloudy day so we drove 25 miles south to Concord, NH so that Kathryn could go shopping in the Steeplegate Mall.  She had a short shopping day and Ken managed to stay awake.

Wednesday was the nicest day of the week and we went to tour the White Mountains National Forest, about 50 miles north, which has the best foliage in New Hampshire.  After picking up a pass and info at Lincoln, we started our way through Franconia Notch.  It is perhaps the most celebrated gap in the East with more scenic spots than any other White Mountain notch.  The grandeur of the notch was first seen by white settlers in the late 18th century and its fame quickly spread. 
The first site we encountered was The Flume Gorge, a chasm extending nearly 800 feet at the base of Mt. Liberty.  The 2 mile walk goes up along a mountain stream which tumbles in a series of waterfalls and pools between its 60 to 90 foot granite walls.  The Flume was discovered by 93-year-old "Aunt" Jess Guernsey, when she accidentally came across it while fishing.  She had a hard time convincing her family of her marvelous discovery.  The trip down passes through tree-lined trails and granite boulders left by the ice age.  [Click on the photos below for a larger view.  Most have captions - hold your mouse over the photo].

We continued our journey west along the White Mountain Trail through Crawford Notch and the Arethusa Falls; past Bartlett, Glen and into Conway.  Then it was back along the Kancamagus Highway to our starting point.  More photos.

This panorama is 4 photos from the Sugar Hill Overlook stitched together.

This was the best day of our trip.  The sun came out for most of the day.

Thursday was another reading and relaxing day.  My knee was a little sore from hiking and the fire was warm.

Sometimes great things happen by accident.  We were amazed by the number of trees that were multi-coloured - part would still be green and other parts of the same tree would be deep red and various shades of orange and yellow.  Kathryn wanted a picture of one she had seen earlier in the week so we went looking for it on Friday.  We headed east to Laconia, the biggest town in the Lakes Region.  It is situated between our Lake Winnisquam and the big Lake Winnipesaukee.  We didn't find it but we got some other great foliage shots around town.  On the way back we decided to go past our motel and continue on west to Tilton.  We crossed the freeway and entered into Tilton through a construction zone.  The traffic was backed up as far as we could see heading back east.  We knew we would be sitting for hours if we tried to turn around.  We found a small highway which headed south.  It crossed over and under the freeway several times before finally turning east and then back north to our "home".  This narrow road wound through the forest past huge houses and small schools.  We passed through "downtown" Canterbury and Kathryn got her photos of multi-coloured trees and a white church.  It was an incredibly beautiful drive which we would never had taken if it wasn't for the construction.  The photos below have no captions.  The house in the middle row is an example of many of the houses throughout New England.

Our holiday was coming to an end.  The panorama below is 4 photos taken from the deck just below our cottage.  It was a beautiful place to stay even with the poor weather.

To see this photo full size, click on the tiny photo here .

bulletOct 15:  The rain started to come down hard on Friday night.  We had breakfast on Saturday morning and hit the freeway south for the 80 miles to Woburn, Mass.  It poured rain the whole way.  After checking into the Fairfield Inn in Woburn, Ken drove Kathryn 5 miles down the freeway to, yep, the Burlington Mall.  Ken went back for a nap before picking Kathryn up.  We had a nice meal in the restaurant next to the hotel and called it a night.
bulletOct 16:  The rain was gone on Sunday but we had big-time wind.  We had a huge complimentary breakfast, drove through Boston for 15 miles to the airport and returned our rental car.  We killed 4 hours in Logan Airport - the plane was late - and Kathryn had one last time to shop.  We left Boston and landed in Montreal.  If you haven't gone through International Arrivals at the airport in Montreal, you would not believe the hundreds of people lined up in snake-lines waiting to go through Customs.  Luckily Kathryn spotted a sign that said Connecting Passengers and a lady hustled us to the front of a different line and we were through in minutes.  While going through security screening we were in line with a bunch of BC Lions football players, who had just lost to Montreal on a last second touchdown a few hours earlier.  We boarded our plane and after a 4 hour flight and an awful movie (Batman Begins), we landed in Calgary and our Excellent New England Adventure was over.