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Miss Renee Comes to Cowtown 

(and brings her mom with her)

My grandniece Renee Leudi arrived in Calgary on Friday to surprise her grandma Sheila for her 60th birthday and what a surprise it was (see below for more on this surprise).

DSC01444.JPG (61705 bytes)

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check out the Florida tan Avery has learned to crawl uncle Ken has two girls to love
DSC01452.JPG (60153 bytes) DSC01464.JPG (62041 bytes) DSC01466.JPG (60823 bytes)
Renee takes a keen interest in uncle Ken's moustache "I'll have some of that Alberta beef, please" "I ask for beef and they give strained carrots."
DSC01470.JPG (60173 bytes) DSC01468.JPG (60127 bytes) DSC01472.JPG (61168 bytes)
"Renee, let me show how to drive this thing" 'I am out of breath blowing up all these balloons. "I like Calgary - there are lots of relatives here."
  Jocey and Corrine pulled the greatest scam on Sheila.  Jeff and Corrine had invited Sheila and Len over for a birthday dinner.  Sheila was expecting a surprise party but there were no extra people when she arrived.  Avery was playing on the floor in the living room.  After awhile, Corrine took Avery upstairs to 'change her diaper'.  Jocey and Renee were hiding upstairs.  Jocey had brought identical outfits for both girls and Corrine returned downstairs with Renee.  She set her on the floor with her face away from Sheila.  After awhile they told Sheila they wanted a picture of her and 'Avery'.   Corrine placed 'Avery' on Sheila's lap.  With everyone taking pictures and calling out "Avery, Avery", Sheila is kissing the top of 'Avery's' head and totally oblivious to what is going on.  Then Renee let's out a little cry and Sheila sees her face.  She totally goes into shock.  She knows it is not Avery but it hasn't clicked in that is is Renee.  She has trouble breathing while trying to determine what has happened.  When she finally realizes, Jocey enters the room and Sheila is crying her eyes out.  What a birthday surprise.  And what a scam by Jocey and Corrine.

          There is a video of the surprise so, hopefully, we will all get to see it.