tracey's wedding

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tracey's wedding

TK wedding 3.jpg (206050 bytes)The Match of a Lifetime
Tracey Runquist and Kelly Carson
December 31, 2002

The ceremony took place in the Devonian Gardens in Calgary.  Tracey's attendants were her mother Helen and father Larry.  Kelly's attendants were his mother Faye and his son Ashton.


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After the ceremony the Carson crew and the Runquist rowdies headed down to the Victoria Park Community Centre to join the two clans in a New Year's Eve celebration.  Uncle Bing was the MC (a big mistake on the bride and groom's part).  He created tickets for the event as well as this program.

After some wonderful speeches, a little crying and some laugh-filled 'reindeer games' created by Bingo, the rest of the evening was spent partying-on-down.  The Runquists have always been big partiers but we may have met our match in the Carsons.

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After much singing, dancing and laughter, most of the crowd rang in the New Year.  The little babies (and their grand uncle) were too tired and so they went home a little early. It was a great wedding and we all wish Tracey and Kelly many years of wedded bliss.  And in the words of Avery, one of our New Year's babies: