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bullet Dec 31, 2002: The Match of a Lifetime
TK wedding 1.jpg (309846 bytes)Tracey and Kelly brought the Runquists and the Carsons together in a wonderful wedding ceremony and party on New Year's Eve. 


bullet Dec 24, 2002: A Death in the Family
Our family was deeply saddened on December 24, 2002 with the passing of Gordon Jess, my sister Marj's husband.  Gordon will be missed by all of us.  Click here for photo tribute to Gordon.

bullet Dec 20, 2002: Christmas Greeting From the Runquist Extended Family
A photo of most of the Runquist Family.
bullet Oct 24, 2002: Homeless No More
Helen and Larry are no longer homeless.  They have moved into their new condo.
bulletOctober 23:  A Good Picture of Andy
Andy's mom made me put in a good picture of him.  Most of my personal photos are slides and I am just starting to scan all of them into my computer.  The "good" photos I have of people on my site are there because they have given me the photo at some time, or emailed it to me.  I would be happy to place new photos of any family member on this site - all you have to do is send me the photo.


bullet Oct 23, 2002: New Photos of Madison and Olivia
bullet Oct 16, 2002: More Photos of Avery Courtesy of Grandpa Bing
bullet Oct 2, 2002: Photos of Avery Grace

bullet Sep 25, 2002: Pretty Little Girls Come in Threes
9B Renee Andrea.JPG (59975 bytes)My third grandniece Renee Andrea Luedi entered the world this morning in Kissimmee, Florida at 2:43 a.m. This was compliments of my niece Jocey and her husband Andy Leudi. She weighed in at 7lb 1oz and is reported to be 19.5 inches long with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. No mention was made of the big Runquist schnozzola.  Renee is after the grandfather, Rene' Luedi and Andrea is after the father, Andreas Luedi. Mother and Father are doing fine. (This report submitted by grandpa Bing)

New Photos: Go to the Photos page to see more pictures.  I should have a Photojam slide show here in a few days


bullet Sep 22, 2002: Be Careful What You Ask For: Part 2
Andy R 2.jpg (526032 bytes)My nephew Andy Runquist complained to me about the picture that I have of him on My Family Photos website.  Okay, Andy here's a 'better' picture of you.


bullet Sep 21, 2002: Viagra Fall's Fall Family Fun Classic
vffffc.jpg (2872184 bytes)Bing and Linda hosted the family for a fun competition. 

bullet Sep 15, 2002: Be Careful What You Ask For
dickie.jpg (149334 bytes)My friend (ex-best friend) Dick Vanderstam has been complaining because he is not on my website, so here he is, with his better looking wife Kim.

bullet Sep 11, 2002: Wedding Announcement
My niece Tracey James has announced her engagement to Kelly Carson.  The wedding will take place on New Year's eve, December 31, 2002 in Calgary. 

tracey.jpg (117263 bytes)      kelly.jpg (293788 bytes)


bullet Aug 6, 2002: Bing opens golf course and Jeff debuts bocce ball court
Click here for photos


bullet Aug 1, 2002: New Playwright
Kathryn's niece Morgan Smith has written a play called Cheerleaders which will be featured in Edmonton's Fringe Festival this summer on August 16-18 and 22-24.  Besides writing the play, Morgan also stars in the show, which is directed by her boyfriend Ryan Hughes.  If you are in Edmonton, take in the show.


bullet Jul 22, 2002: And Another New One
This just in.  My nephew Jeff Runquist and Corrine Kibsey of Calgary are proud parents of a baby girl, Avery Grace Runquist, born Monday, July 22.  This photo was taken when she was about 20 hours old.   

Who would have that thought that such a cute baby would have a dad who looked like this?



Jun, 2002: Graduation for Meredith
Kathryn's niece Meredith Smith recently graduated from high school in Edmonton.

Meredith (centre) with brother Michael and mother Phyllis




May 2, 2002: A New Grandniece
On May 22, 2002, my nephew Andy Runquist and his wife Sue had a new baby girl, Olivia Jaymes.  Not long after she was born, Olivia had to return to the hospital where it was discovered that she had somehow contracted salmonella poisoning.  Big sister Madison is happy to have her baby sister back home.