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bullet November 20, 2003: Little Jeffy Turns 40
My nephew Jeff Runquist turned 40 last week—where does the time go?  Corrine rented a community hall for the party and the place was packed with relatives and friends, new and old.  Dad Bing blew up several pictures of Jeff and had posters all over the room.  Bing also did a little roast of his son.  Everyone brought food and there was lots to eat.  Uncle Ken created a slide show set to music with about 90 photos of Jeff over the years—beware the man with the camera.  Congratulations Jeff on reaching another milestone in your life. 


bullet November 17, 2003: Scum-sucking Eskimos Advance to Grey Cup
It was a sad day in the Old Country as my beloved Riders fell to the Eskimos in the Western Final.  To make matters worse, my wife Kathryn is an Edmonton fan.  As you can see by the photos, we were both excited about the game but only one of us was happy at the end.  The Eskimos went on to defeat Montreal to become Grey Cup champions.


bullet October 24, 2003: Ken Has Surgery
I had surgery at the Foothills Hospital on Friday, October 24 to remove a pituitary tumour.  Every thing went well.  After a five-day stay in the hospital, I went home to recover.  Six weeks of tender loving care from Kathryn has got me back to normal although I sure miss the pampering.  My sick leave ran out on November 24th and I am officially retired.


bulletOctober 16: I heard recently from my grandniece Renee
Hi great uncle Ken,
My Mom has a bruised nipple so she is icing it while I type.  My Dad is sleeping with a bad back ache.  He said it is still from when I was born and my Mom yanked him around while she pushed.  I am getting to know my furry buddies and Sirmo is really protective of me.  Schokee seems a bit scared of me cause she was a mother and didn't like anyone touching her children.  They both want to give me kisses but my folks won't let them.  We all go on walks together and I fall asleep while my buddies poo.  Then I poo and cry so we have to go back.  I'm real big now...8.5lbs and 20.5" long!!  
bye now, love Renee


buddies.jpg (40450 bytes)   Hi five.jpg (51593 bytes)   High five Schokee.JPG (62290 bytes)     Soft pillow.jpg (31705 bytes)

~MAP0000.jpg (109641 bytes)                           Loaded pants!.jpg (26870 bytes)     rl20.jpg (45025 bytes)
Renee on her first bungee ride


bullet August 17, 2003: Weekend at Sundre
Jeff, Corrine and Avery spent the weekend at Byron and Lina's place at Sundre.  They used the time to go looking for rocks for their garden.  When I was younger, my uncles paid me to get rid of rocks from their fields and now the kids are putting them back - crazy world.


bullet August 4, 2003: The Carlsons
I connected with Chris Carlson while doing research on my family history.  Chris's husband Bob is my first cousin once removed (his dad Gordon is my first cousin). 
Click here to see some recent photos Chris has sent me.


bullet August 25, 2003: Photos From Dale Lansberry

Brenda, Chauncey, Tye and Dale at Tye's grade 12 grad


Tye and his grad date



Dale's grandson Keegan playing soccer.  He is wearing Glad bowl covers on his feet because of dog doo-doo.


bullet August 4, 2003: The Latest Photos of My Grandnieces Madison and Olivia


bullet July 22, 2003: Miss Avery Celebrates Her First Birthday
My grandniece and goddaughter Avery Grace celebrated her first birthday.  This picture is me holding her on her first day and then on her first birthday.


bullet July 22, 2003: Our Summer Vacation
This summer Kathryn and I took a trip to the Maritimes.  It was an incredible three week journey.  Make sure you read the rest of the story.



June 30, 2003: Yahoo!  My Last Day of Teaching
It's finally here - my last day of teaching after 31 years.  Although I won't officially be retired until October, the school board has granted me sick leave beginning August 27th so I won't have to go back to work next fall.  Teaching has been fun, but I've only been retired for half a day and I already like it.


June 15, 2003: Fathers Day with Miss Avery
The Godfather got to spend Father's Day with Miss Avery.  There were lots of fathers there: dad Jeff, Grandpa Bing and Grandpa Tom. 

bullet June 15, 2003:  Kenny Makes the Calgary Herald (Again)
The Calgary Herald ran a special feature on high school graduations in Calgary.  Every year I get my photo taken with my graduating basketball players at the grad banquet.  We did our serious pose first and then, while we were doing a gag pose, the Herald photographer came along and asked if she could take a picture.  The photo was included in the special addition.  Newspaper photos do not scan very well so I have also included the digital copy that they sent me.  If this keeps up, I'm going to need a press agent.
bullet June 18, 2003: Kelly Carson's Birthday
Oops!  I forget little Kelly's birthday on the front page birthday list so he gets a special mention here.  He is 40 again for the second time on Friday, June 20th.  Happy Birthday Kelly.
bullet June 11, 2003: A Death in the Family
On a very sad note, cousin Jim Runquist passed away after a month long illness.  Jim would have been 62 in July.  There will not be a funeral at Jim's request but there will be a memorial service on June 27 at 3:00 pm.
bullet June 7, 2003: Kenny Gets a New Barbee
After 10 years and a lot of pork chops, we finally splurged on a new BBQ.
The photo at right is the first chop on the new BBQ


bullet June 1, 2003 Miss Avery Learns to Drive
Kathryn and I visited Miss Avery last weekend and took some photos. 
bullet May 22, 2003: Miss Olivia Turns One
Grandpa Bones finally sent me some pictures from Olivia's first birthday. 

"Cool shades"
Going for a ride with big sister "Love that birthday cake!" Born to be wild!


bullet May 16, 2003: Check out the Photos page for new pictures of "my girls"
bullet May 11, 2003 Tara Moves Into Her New Pad
Tara moved into her new condo (top right in photo) on Mother's Day with the help of family and friends. 
bullet April 5, 2003: Miss Renee Comes to Cowtown
My newest grandniece comes home from Florida to visit her Canadian relatives.
April 4, 2003: New Honour for Kenny

The Calgary Senior High School Athletic Association has introduced a new award for excellence in coaching in girls basketball.  The award is named the Ken Runquist Award in recognition for Ken's long time involvement with basketball at the local, provincial and national level.  Pictured below is Ken presenting the award to the first winner, Rick Frey of Sir Winston Churchill High School.



bullet April 3, 2003: New Photos of Avery and Renee
bullet April 3, 2003: New Photos of Madison and Olivia
bullet March 30, 2003: Avery Grace Gets Baptised
My goddaughter Avery was baptised today in front of family and friends.

bullet Mar 6, 2003:Miss Avery's Got Game
Avery and her dad recently visited Uncle Ken while he was coaching a basketball game.  Avery really enjoyed the sights and sounds of the game.  With Avery cheering them on, the Western Canada Redmen busted the Bishop Grandin Ghosts.

jess just hit a three pointer.JPG (228186 bytes)        me and my team.JPG (349780 bytes)   Let me see that play..JPG (789118 bytes)

bullet Jan 9, 2003: Bingo Turns 60
Jeff and Corrine surprised Bing by inviting all the family over for a BBQ (in January in tropical Calgary).  Here are some photos.

DSC01221.JPG (836616 bytes)   DSC01219.JPG (835393 bytes)    DSC01223.JPG (812391 bytes)    DSC01225.JPG (816386 bytes)
"Grampa, that sign     "Hey, any of you guys
has a bad word"        at the bar want to buy
                                  a couple of babes a 

DSC01226.JPG (834773 bytes)      DSC01227.JPG (792733 bytes)
That was a tough          The Family Heirloom

bullet Feb 3, 2003: Can You Guess the Twin?
Is it Madison or is it Oivia?

bulletFeb 3, 2003: Can you Guess these Twins? 
Which of these photos is Jocey and which is Renee?



bullet Jan 17, 2003: Nana Casey's 98th Birthday
Helen Runquist's mother turned 98.


Jan 7, 2003: Miss Avery Goes to Florida
Avery took her Mom and Dad and grandpa Bing to Florida to visit her cousin Renee.