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Kathryn and I have been going to Edmonton for Xmas for the last 5 years to spend time with her dad.  We decided to stay home this year and thought that it was probably our turn to host the family.  It quickly became apparent that our little abode was not going to be big enough for everyone so my nephew Jeff and his partner Corrine volunteered to co-host with us at their house.  We ended up with 28 for dinner and a couple of Corrine's relatives showed up for dessert.  

It was a great Xmas.  Corrine and Kathryn each cooked a turkey (using Corrine's neighbour's stove).  Everyone brought something and there was lots of food left over.  Santa showed up with gifts for everyone.  I created a half-hour slide show of previous Xmas photos going back to 1973 which was a big hit - you wouldn't believe the hair styles and the clothing.

It was wonderful to have almost the entire Runquist clan in one place for Xmas.  It was such a nice day (+ 15 C) that we gathered everyone outside just before dinner for a family photo.

Back Row: Tara Runquist and Brian Fowlie, Corrine Kibsey and Jeff Runquist, Chad Allen and Kourtney Jess with Colby in front, Bing Runquist holding Miller Runquist, Jamie and Joshua and Debbie and Ashley Jess, Adam Runquist, Byron Runquist, Larry Runquist, Tracey and Kelly Carson, Ken Runquist
Front Row: Lina Runquist, Marj Jess, Helen Runquist, Kathryn Lowther holding Avery Runquist
Missing: Jocey Runquist and Dan Renaud and kids Renee Leudi and Joel Renaud arrived late

Some other photos from the day (hold mouse over for caption, click for larger view):